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Why is online poker such a popular casino game?


If you were to ask at any point in time about the top three games in Internet-based casinos, online poker would be in the top three every time.


Why is online poker such a popular casino game, and who actually plays it?


Why is online poker so popular on the Internet? -- Before the advent of Internet gambling, poker was one of the most popular offline gambling games. Once the game was able to be played online, gamblers whose main game was poker moved much of their gambling onto the Internet.


After all, when you can play a poker game at any time of the day, have access to thousands of poker rooms to join, can wager in both low and high stakes rooms and have access to large jackpots, why on earth would anyone play poker offline?


When you also throw in the free money many casinos give gamblers every month to encourage them to continue playing, it is no wonder online poker is so popular.


The convenience -- Remember too how inconvenient it can be to be a poker player offline and try to find games to play in.


Most of the time it means rushing around trying to get friends to join a game, or driving to a casino to play.


With online poker, however, it is nothing more complicated than turning on the computer, logging into the online casino you gamble in and finding a poker game to join.


Who plays online poker? -- Both sexes, every age group and every nationality plays online poker.


Poker is a popular game worldwide already, of course, so the same people that enjoyed playing offline poker got online to play the game as well.


With millions of new people starting to play online poker every month, you can expect these trends to continue in the future. To know more read on dominoqq online.

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